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Eventbrite Add Organizations Venues

Creates new venue objects under an organization and returns it as venue.

Eventbrite Get Users Venues

Returns a paginated response of venue objects that are owned by the user.

Eventbrite Add Venues

Creates a new venue with associated address.

Eventbrite Get Venues

Returns a venue object.

Eventbrite Add Venues

Updates a venue and returns it as an object.

Eventbrite Get Venues Events

Returns events of a given venue.

Meetup Venues

Search for Meetup venues by one of your groups, events, or venue identifiers. For a full text search on public venues use [OpenVenues](/meetup_api/docs/2/open_venues).

Meetup Find Venues

Returns list of venues based on location

Meetup Recommended Venues

Returns venues Meetup finds relevant to you based on location and category. This method does not yet support sorting or pagination.

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